Pre-emptive Rebuttal

Some posts on this blog will take a sceptical look at the notion that the bible is the inspired word of an omniscient, omnipotent, omni-benevolent god. They will look at a multitude of ways in which the bible contradicts both reality and itself and also how it’s actually a good thing that the bible is demonstrably false because it is a deeply immoral book.

Throughout this blog the words, actions and morality of characters in the bible will be discussed, much in the manner that you might discuss the words, actions and morality of characters in the Iliad without believing the Iliad to be anything but fiction.

Before we get started here’s a little pre-emptive rebuttal of objections Christians are likely to make in response to bible focused posts on this blog:

You’ve taken that out of context 

In what possible context would the verse/s in question are justified? I cite chapter and verse for the quotes I use so the full context can easily be found, should people want to see it.

People quote John 3:16 on it own all the time, do you accuse them of ‘taking it out of context’ when they do so?

This verse contradicts yours and is much nicer

Quite possibly, the bible is anything but consistent and contradicts itself all the time. This is just one of many reasons why it’s nonsensical to regard the bible as being in some way the work of a perfect super being.

Unfortunately the presence of contradictory nicer verses hasn’t stopped large numbers of sincere Jews and Christians over the millennia believing and acting upon the less pleasant passages in the bible.

How could an all knowing, loving and powerful god leave such unpleasant passages in his book when he must have known that some people would believe and act upon them?

Just think how many lives would have been spared if Exodus 22:18 “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”, for example had been left out of the bible.

That’s just the Old Testament, the New Testament makes it all better 

I haven’t just quoted from the OT (Old Testament). Sadly the bible’s misogyny, homophobia, bizarre ideas of justice… carry across both testaments.

But even if all the unpleasantness was entirely confined to the OT, not only do Jesus and other NT (New Testament) characters repeatedly refer, with approval, to monstrous events in the OT but according to Christianity Jesus is the god of the OT made flesh. As such Jesus is tainted by everything the god of the OT says and does.

Besides, whilst NT teachings on how to interact with other people are on the whole an improvement on those in the OT the overall morality of the NT is arguably worse as it is in the NT that the doctrine of eternal torture for thought crime (the failure to believe in the Christian god) is introduced. The god of the OT is a most unpleasant character but unlike Jesus at least Yahweh leaves people alone once he’s made them eat their own children then killed them.


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