The Sliding Scale of Militancy: Aims & Actions

As a skeptic I long ago grew used to people calling me ‘militant’, ‘extremist’ and so forth simply for expressing my doubts that astrology, homoeopathy… work or that god, ghosts… exist. The double standard by which skeptics are judged far more harshly than purveyors of woo in all its forms (though religion in particular) still vexes me though so I’ve drawn up some scales of “Militant Aims” and “Militant Actions” to highlight this double standard.

The Sliding Scale of Aims

The Sliding Scale Actions

If you actually look at both his aims and actions Richard Dawkins for example is extremely moderate in comparison to many of the theists who habitually accuse him of being a “shrill”, “militant” “extremist”. However he comes across as “militant” to many as he (quite rightly) treats religion as just another subject to be critiqued and openly discussed without the undue deference theists are so used to demanding and receiving.


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