Notice the Difference – Kim Jong-il & Jesus

The details about supposed magical powers and so forth are intended to be just a bit of fun but there is a serious point to this which is that the central message of Jesus as set out in the gospels of ‘worship me or burn in hell’ is essentially the same as that of North Korea’s Kim dynasty. Yet strangely many people who rightfully condemn temporal dictators for demanding love and obedience on pain of torture seem to find the same behaviour from a celestial dictator both admirable and just.

The principle difference between the two is that you can escape the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea by dying whereas if the bible is to be believed Jesus has eternal, inescapable torture waiting for those who fail to worship him.  For all the intolerance and brutality of the Old Testament it took Jesus and the New Testament to introduce the repugnant concept of infinite torture as a punishment for finite thought crime.

Hitchens of course used to make much the same argument in fact when I posted this on reddit Keoni9 found a video of him doing so with his usual eloquence.


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